Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plan for Cedar Street?

Cedar Street and downtown Holt have been a focal point of township planning for more than 20 years. The 2004 Cedar Street Corridor, 2013 Master Plan and 2014 Cedar Street Market Study all supported the redevelopment of Cedar Street into a livable, walkable community. The Realize Cedar redevelopment plan fills in the gaps and answers questions unresolved in these efforts.

Realize Cedar will improve sidewalks, street parking and roadways on Cedar Street to create a safe, walkable community for residents. This updated infrastructure will help existing businesses continue to grow and attract new developments to the area, create jobs and boost local property values.

Will nearby homes and businesses be accessible during construction?

Yes. The township will work proactively with Cedar Street businesses so they can stay open during construction, and will communicate traffic and other restrictions to minimize impacts on those businesses and nearby residents.

Didn’t the Township try to rebuild Cedar Street before?

Yes; however, a lot has changed since then and the Realize Cedar initiative includes updated traffic studies, design solutions, and market data.

New information:

  • Holt Road and Aurelius Road are both now three lanes.
  • The previous plan suggested a roundabout at Aurelius Road, which was eventually determined to be an unfeasible strategy.
  • The Realize Cedar effort will realign Keller Road and re-time the signals at Holt Road and Aurelius Road to improve wait times.
  • Market data provided in 2014 by the Chesapeake Group and panel research conducted by the DDA found that there is a demand for 500-1,200 new housing units and as much as 205,000 square feet of retail space, if Cedar Street can be redeveloped to support a livable, walkable community.

Will taxes go up?

The Township has no intention of raising taxes or creating any special assessments to pay for the reconstruction of Cedar Street.

How is the Township funding the Realize Cedar project?

The Township will use Downtown Development Authority funds to pay for its portion of infrastructure changes. Conservative estimates of approximately 1 percent growth put the current DDA bond value at approximately $4 million to $6 million. The project will keep tax money in Delhi Township that would otherwise leave the area.

What is the timeline for construction?

Work on the project began in March 2018 and is scheduled to finish in mid-December 2018. However, the construction schedule is approximate and subject to change.

During this time, all southbound traffic will be detoured around the construction zone. Detours will be posted. Businesses will remain open and have access during construction.

Is the plan supported by the region?

The Realize Cedar Project has been coordinated with the Ingham County Road Department and has received the endorsement of the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP).

Can Cedar Street handle its traffic in three lanes?

Cedar Street currently has 11,720 cars per day. A three lane roadway profile can handle up to 20,000 vehicles per day and even if the township experienced 36 percent growth in the next 10 to 20 years, Cedar Street would be under 15,000 cars per day. The township has gone beyond Federal Highway Administration guidance and conducted an operations analysis of the Aurelius Road and Holt Road intersection that shows these intersections will be improved if Cedar Street is redesigned as a three lane profile.

While you may drive a little slower on this section of Cedar Street, your overall travel time will be less, because you will spend less time waiting at the intersections.

I currently have to wait too long at Holt Road - can this project fix that?

Yes. The operational analysis shows that Holt Road wait times will be reduced.

I’ve heard Aurelius Road is the worst intersection in the region - can this project fix that?

Yes. Realigning Keller Road will allow signals to be retimed for two-way traffic processing at Aurelius Road and wait times will be reduced.

Will property value go up?

A 2009 CEOs for Cities Study found that homes in walkable neighborhoods were worth $4,000 to $34,000 more than their suburban counterparts. It’s a good bet that your property value will increase as a result of this project.

Can anything be done about cut-through traffic at Veterans Drive and Park Lane/ Coolridge Road?

Yes. Reducing wait times at the Holt Road and Cedar Street intersection is the best way to reduce cut-through traffic.

Where can I go for more information?

The Delhi DDA will communicate with the Holt residents and businesses through several channels during the construction process, including:

  • Weekly emails, which will include updates on construction progress. Sign up for weekly updates here.
  • Facebook and Twitter posts with construction updates and photos and videos of the project.
  • On
  • For specific questions about construction, please contact Todd Sneathen at 517.292.1929 or Roger Crouse at 248.535.3364.